Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome and 4649

Hello to everyone in this tiny little world of ours. I just wanted to welcome you to my very first blogging. I never really blog about stuff but I know I got many things to talk about and even rant about. I'm not very great at expressing myself in person, so i feel that maybe writing about it may help alittle.

So alittle about myself. I go by the name "LiLJAPAN". I am a San Francisco local artist that is trying to show many people my work. Stepping into the art world is deffinetly a challenge, but it's a passion I have strongly and I am up for the challenge.

Here is my website addie. It's in under construstion right now, so there isn't much to see yet. But I also have a Flickr account, which I constantly update with new projects and such. So if you got the time, please check it out.


Flickr Site:

So here is alittle about me, but there is deffinetly more I'm doing. I'll be trying to update this blog thing as much as I can. So till the next post I hope you will enjoy the things I will be posting and that it will keep you guys entertained. Till then, take care and have a fuckin awesome life!!!


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