Monday, March 29, 2010


So for the past few weeks, I've been super busy with work and my health. But on the side I have been working on the first collaboration release. And the time has now come!!!

Buster Call from Japan and I have been very great friend for the past years. And at time we have talked about maybe doing a collaboration together, but I was hesitant to go with it, because it was not the right time for me yet. As the months went by, we kept in touch talking about toys, art and daily life in the USA and Japan.

And then just a few months ago we were talking about his figure. His plans for this year and so on. And then it struck me. I love his figures and said it's time. Lets do this.

And so here it is. I am extremely happy to announce to the world Buster Call and LiLJAPAN's very first collaboration. With his awesome figure, Beetlar, and my art we have come up with this years very first limited release of his figure.

I am just totally excited about this figure, because I have been collecting all of Buster Calls figure, Beetlar, and I get to finally have a Beetlar I was involved in with the rest of my collection. But why just me have it and
enjoy it??? I want as much people to enjoy this figure as well.

So to all my awesome supporting people out there in the world, I give to you the opportunity of getting one of the figures. Just click the banner and it shall give you all the details. Now everything carefully for there are some restrictions.

Thank you again to all my fans, friends and most importantly Buster Call!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

LiLJAPAN Mystery Mini Series One

So I have just recently posted a new set on my Flickr called "Mystery Mini Art Series 1" I have been doing alittle bit of small pieces at times now and here are some for the Series I will be releasing sometimes soon. My goal is to do 30 of these guys. All pieces are 2"x3" and one of a kind. More info will come. So please check out what has been done so far. Thank again for all the support you guys.
Rock On!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Somethings Coming on March29th!!!

Keep an eye out on my Blog, Flicker, Twitter, Facebook and so on!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So today I want to share something I've done for a traveling exhibit show. Hell City Ltd. was kind enough to let me be part of their Pint Size Painting #2 event. This was my first time doing a piece at the size of 2"x3". Overall it was def a fun project to do and I am totally honored to be invited to be part of the 2nd exhibition. Take a look and check it out. Heard that the first book will be published this year filled with all pint size paintings. Gotta get me a copy when it comes out.

" Night Wave"