Saturday, July 3, 2010


So it's been a while since I posted anything. Well maybe not that long, but I've been just super busy with so much work. It's making me tired but at the same time I am enjoying every minute of it.

So it's finally July....That Means SDCC!!!!!.. And since SDCC is the most awesome place to spend during summer, I wanted to release a few things at the Con. Do I have a booth??? No.. So how am I going to release it?? It will be a suitcase sale. I will be carrying a suitcase with the item for that day. I have stuff planned, but not sure if it will all be available by then. But surely I will have atlease one item ready.

So this week I want to reveal the first item. It will be a limited 50 silk screened print. It will be printed on FRENCH Speakle Beach paper. 8.5x11 and will be packaged with sleeve and backing. This item is on sale for $20 at the con.

You can't make it to con??? No worries!!! I am offering the print to everyone that can't make it for the same price with shipping included!!!!

So keep your eyes out for next week, cause something new may be available that week. Also....GOLDEN TICKET????....huh????