Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Back.....

So this really sucks. Yesterday when I woke up, I felt a sting down my back. I knew already what it was. I pulled my back a couple weeks ago, and it hurt like hell!!!!

So I was working and every now and then this fuckin sting goes down my back to my tail bone. It just sucks cause I start limpin....... shoot.

Well this morning the worst just had to come. I couldn't get up for work. Not that I over slept. I literally couldn't bend my back to get up. So I turned to my tummy, reached my arm up to the edge of the sofa, and then craned myself up just to call my work.

I had to take the day off just because of my back!!!! Damn it!!! I hat staying home. This might be weird to some, but I really need to work. Not only cause of money, but it's because I can't keep still. I just have to keep myself moving or I start just blanking out. It sucks. Having the need to move around and not being able to. This also effects my art, cause when I blank out, I can't think of anything to draw.

I really hope this back thing will go away...................イタイイタイの飛んでいけ~~~!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Go!! Tetsujin-28

So I'm sure all you Gundam fans have heard or seen about the 1/1 scale of the famous mobile suit standing tall in Tokyo. Well guess what? I just found a video showing the next big thing. Thats right!!! Tetsujin 28 will be made and will be standing tall also at Kobe Japan. This is going to be just too awesome!!! YES!!!!

Will he be there??

Will he be there???? Will the crowds at SDCC this year find this little guy??? This is a question I don't even have the answer to. Only time will tell........

Also got a write up on Vinyl Pulse. Check it!!!
Noboryu on VP

Caught you foo!!!

So today at work, it was kinda slow. Not many customers came in. Probably enjoying the warm nice weather. So I thought that the day will end with not much to talk about with my friends of what happened, until he came in that is.
Thats right. There's this guy, about his late 40's, that comes in to our store smelling like alcohol all the time. He always comes in browsing around, never buying stuff. Thats cool. You don't have to buy anything. But it was just too weird. So I went up to him while he was holding two pliers in his hands that we sell for jewlry making, and asked him "You finding everything ok?" He answers "yup..."
So I walked passed by him. I turn around and he puts back the plier. But only one. So I looked as his hands and it's not there. I saw him slip it in his crusty black hoodie. So I surprised him and said" Dude....you need to put that back man" Then he smiled and pulled out the plier he swiped and just gave this little kid shrug. " That cute shit aint going to work on me." I thought. I just told him to leave and never come back.
Well, that was my day today. Atleast I ended my work with a little excitement.

Thanks smelly dude!!!! You made my day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Can't say much yet, but it's on it's way. Want to know more about it first??? Then hit me up at my e mail and you'll get all the juicy details.....Rock and Roll!!!

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The Rising Tide

So today I was surfing the web, and checked out one of my favorite site, Vinyl Pulse. And what I saw was a great honor. Jack from Vinyl Pulse has posted up about the upcoming show that I have curated. It will showcase 10 Japanese artists from Japan and the USA. Both Heavy Hitters and Upcomers, this show should be awesome. I have also got confirmation that my good friend, Tracey Wakai, will be there with his band, Fast Pass, and do a number of jams. Here's the flier and info of the show. I hope many ofyou can make it. It should be fucken awesome. Who knows. If all goes well, I'm thinking of trying to expand the show around the states and the world, adding more japanese artists in the list. So keep your eyes and ears open.

"The Rising Tide"

DDR Projects 3403 East Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803

Fast Pass:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome and 4649

Hello to everyone in this tiny little world of ours. I just wanted to welcome you to my very first blogging. I never really blog about stuff but I know I got many things to talk about and even rant about. I'm not very great at expressing myself in person, so i feel that maybe writing about it may help alittle.

So alittle about myself. I go by the name "LiLJAPAN". I am a San Francisco local artist that is trying to show many people my work. Stepping into the art world is deffinetly a challenge, but it's a passion I have strongly and I am up for the challenge.

Here is my website addie. It's in under construstion right now, so there isn't much to see yet. But I also have a Flickr account, which I constantly update with new projects and such. So if you got the time, please check it out.


Flickr Site:

So here is alittle about me, but there is deffinetly more I'm doing. I'll be trying to update this blog thing as much as I can. So till the next post I hope you will enjoy the things I will be posting and that it will keep you guys entertained. Till then, take care and have a fuckin awesome life!!!