Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Back.....

So this really sucks. Yesterday when I woke up, I felt a sting down my back. I knew already what it was. I pulled my back a couple weeks ago, and it hurt like hell!!!!

So I was working and every now and then this fuckin sting goes down my back to my tail bone. It just sucks cause I start limpin....... shoot.

Well this morning the worst just had to come. I couldn't get up for work. Not that I over slept. I literally couldn't bend my back to get up. So I turned to my tummy, reached my arm up to the edge of the sofa, and then craned myself up just to call my work.

I had to take the day off just because of my back!!!! Damn it!!! I hat staying home. This might be weird to some, but I really need to work. Not only cause of money, but it's because I can't keep still. I just have to keep myself moving or I start just blanking out. It sucks. Having the need to move around and not being able to. This also effects my art, cause when I blank out, I can't think of anything to draw.

I really hope this back thing will go away...................イタイイタイの飛んでいけ~~~!!!

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