Monday, September 14, 2009

LiLJAPAN Boards At ASR Coverage!!!

So this past weekend, there was a convention at San Diego called ASR Biz. Action Sport Retail convention and I was honored to have my have my laser skate decks on display at the Sk8ology booth. Sk8ology was awesome enough to have my decks there and whats more awesome is I found a video on Youtube with a interview with them. And to my surprise my decks were introduced to the camera man and well....take a look. "Famous artist"..not sure about that but I am happy that he loves my work!!! Thanks Mark!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thank You TK2!!!

So this past weekend was the opening for the show for Toy Karma 2 at Rotofugi, Chicago. I was not able to go but from the photos I've seen, it looked like it was a awesome show.

Also, because I signed up for the preview list, I was able to have the chance to see what others have done for the show. And all I can say is that all the pieces were amazing. Some blew my mind becau
se I know who the artists were and what they have done, but at the same time the new figures, artists and all the artwork just got me blown away the same way.

Lastly, I saw my piece in the list and it was sold. To whoever purchased my piece, thank you so much and I hope you will enjoy the set I have done for the show. I am happy that it has found a new home and I'm sure it's someone who is passionate about vinyls like I am. Thank you again and I hope I can be in the next one. Toy Karma 3!!!

Here is the screen shot of my piece marked "SOLD". Thank you again!!!