Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Introducing NOBORYU!!!!

Today I will like to introduce everyone my very first figure, Noboryu!!! He was first sighted this past saturday at DDR Project Gallery in Long Beach. I am very happy and excited at the same time when the sculpt arrived. I've also just had a meeting wih Pretty in Plastic while I was down in LA this weekend, and it looks like he will soon be available this year if all goes well. He will also be making a appearance at this year SDCC at Mr. Frank Kozik's booth. Thanks Frank!!!!

The first release will be limited. All the figures will be hand painted by me. The release will most likely be Pre-Order style, so if you will like to be the first to know about it, e mail me to be on my mailing list and you will get all the scoops first. The price of the figure will range from $70 ~ $80, but this has not been decided yet.

So on with the full detail. I will like to introduce to you NOBORYU!!!

Noboryu figure specs, Information and Back Story:
Name: Noboryu
Height: About 8" tall
Articulation: The arms (This is being planned and worked on)
First Release Date: Hopefully by October or November of this year

No one knows how old Noboryu is, but he is believed to have been around since the very first human species were around. He lives in the clouds and watches over the people every day. Back when the first humans arrived, it was peaceful. So he stayed on top of the skies and enjoyed the peace.
That was until the current date. Today the world is filled with war, hate, murders, pollution and all the bad things you can think of. Noboryu started to realize this and knew that he had to do something in order to bring back the peace. So he finally came down to earth to bring happiness and luck to everyone in the world, hoping that all the chaos will end and that he can bring some happiness to all.

( The photo here is the actual sculpt. It was sculpted by the great Rommel Chua aka Hobby Master)

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  1. If you ever get more Noboryu, I would love a crack at painting some!