Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The first post of 2011!!!!

First off I will like to say Happy New Year to everyone out there. This year I am planning to post more than last year. I haven't really been posting much and I thought it'll be a good idea to post more on whats going on. So here goes. My first post for the new year.

This Saturday, I am happy to be part of a 4 man group show at the awesome shop/gallery DRAGATOMI.
The show is titled "Monster Party" and the artists that will be exhibiting is Mark Nagata, Gatchabert, D-Lux and I. This show is going t
o have alot of custom figures painted by some of the best custom painters out there. Unfortunately I will not be submitting any custom figures this time. I didn't have any cash for figures to paint. So instead I am planning on having a few 2D pieces up on the wall.
The pieces I have done represents alot of the traditional Japanese Yokai. Why did I choose some of these instead of the traditional Godzilla or Gamera??? Well I grew up listening to stories from my mom, who is a big Yokai Fan. The thing about the yokai's is that they are told to scare kids in doing bad things. For instance, the Choochin Obake is a lantern ghost. They are imagined and told to kids so they don't play with the lantern and cause a fire in the house.

So since growing up listening to these stories, they were considered monsters to me.

So if your free this coming Saturday, please go out and check out the works by all these awesome artists.

Monster Party - January 8, 2011
2317 J Street (Btwn 23rd and 24th St.)
...Sacramento CA 95816

"I'll Guide You"
Ink and Wash

"Light Your Way"
Ink and Wash

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